Workers’ Compensation

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Christiansburg Workers Compensation Attorney

Workers compensation can become a complicated and adversarial process, and with the help of the Law Firm of Attorney Mark M. Caldwell, III, this process can much easier. With 20 years of experience in workers compensation law from both the employee and employers’ perspective, Mark Caldwell can help your case settle quickly and efficiently.

When you’ve been injured at work, you are entitled to financial compensation for your lost wages and medical bills. You may also be entitled to vocation rehabilitation benefits. Sometimes your workers compensation will be denied if the employer or insurance provider believes that your injury is not valid, or that you were hurt somewhere else besides the workplace. Navigating through the system gets hard, and if you’ve been injured you need to focus all of your energy on healing.

By working closely with Attorney Caldwell, you will receive the compensation that you deserve for your medical bills and lost wages, without having to fight the insurance company on your own. When you are not able to work because of an injury, getting compensation for lost wages is the only way many people have to support themselves. The sooner the benefits begin, the easier it will be to keep your life financially on track. Attorney Caldwell is ready to help you get your workers compensation claim the credibility it deserves.

If you are an employer in Virginia and you believe that one of your workers is not telling the truth about a work accident or that their claim is not compensable under the law, Attorney Caldwell will help you to keep fraudulent or unwarranted claims at a minimum. Mark has represented many of the industry leaders in defending these claims, such as AIG, Liberty Mutual, Old Republic insurance companies, Alternative Service Concept, York Claims and Constitution State Services Company as Third Party Administrators. Mark also represents self-insured employers such as Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers and Sheetz Convenience Stores.