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Christiansburg Personal Injury Attorney

If you have recently been injured because of the negligence of another party, or you have been charged in a personal injury lawsuit, the Law Office of Mark M. Caldwell, III can help. As an experienced attorney representing both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury lawsuits, Attorney Caldwell is well versed in this complicated area of law.

As a recently injured person, it is likely that you have lost time out of work and your medical bills are piling up. This is one of the main reasons people seek compensation for injuries through the court system. When you are not able to work because of your injury, it’s essential to consider a personal injury lawsuit for you and your family‚Äôs financial security.

It’s important, throughout your case, that you attend all medical appointments for the injury in which you are seeking compensation. Keep detailed records of all of your treatment, and bring these records with you when you come to meet for your initial consultation, which will be at no charge. The only way to assess whether you have a valid personal injury case is to go through your medical records, and any accident reports of the incident that caused your injury and analyze the legal issues involved in each particular circumstance.

Listening to your treatment providers proves that you are trying to heal from your injuries. If you miss appointments, or you don’t follow through with recommended treatment, it will appear as if you aren’t as injured as you claim to be. In a personal injury lawsuit, your medical record solidifies the proof of your injuries, which in turn documents the amount of pain & suffering & inconvenience you have experienced as well.

If you are the defendant in a personal injury lawsuit, Attorney Caldwell is ready to defend your case. With complex negligence laws, your case is best handled by an attorney who has the experience necessary to win your case. Mark has been working in this field for over 20 years.